Clara Gaymard

Vice-Présidente GE International, Présidente et CEO de GE France, Présidente de l’AmCham France

Présentation :

Vice President of GE International, President and CEO of GE France, President of AmCham France

Appointed CEO and President of GE France in 2006, Clara Gaymard is also Vice President of GE International. Since managing GE in France, Clara has led a better consistent strategy for the different businesses, has dramatically boosted sales, and has favored a comprehensive transparency for the company among decision makers, influencers, and towards public opinion. In January 2013, she was elected president of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, making her the first woman president of this centenary organization. She is passionately involved in gender equality.

Prior to joining GE, Gaymard forged an outstanding career within the French administration. After she completed her ENA degree, she joined the State Audit Office as an auditor, then as an advisor. From 1991 to 2003, she held several positions in the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, focusing on SME investment and economic development as Deputy Director. Appointed Ambassador of Invest In France Agency in 2006, she has steered this organization towards building on innovation and private-public collaboration in order to bring about economic prosperity.