Philippe Thevoz

Membre du Comité OCDE d’Experts de la BlockChain ; Vice-Président eGouvernement, SICPA

Présentation :

Philippe Thevoz, PhD in Engineering, has been at the forefront of Digital Transformation since 30 years, from numerical simulation and high power computing in the nineties to Blockchain technologies. Since 2015, as independent consultant, he advised governments and businesses in their digital transformation, with a strong accent on Blockchain technologies. Since 2017, as Executive Vice-President eGovernment Systems at SICPA, he has contributed to the developments of new Digital platforms and solutions for Governments. This includes Secure Registries, Secure Documents, next generation of e-ID and Digital Signature, based upon Data and Process integrity, using the latest digital technologies, such as Blockchain, cryptography, digital Identity, secure marking and artificial intelligence.