Topical Issues in International Development and Economics

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Sous la direction de Désiré Avom et Gilles Dufrénot
Editeur : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Isbn : 978-1-5275-5387-3
Nombre de pages : 587 pages.
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Parution : novembre 2023
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This book offers various insights on current hot topics in development economics. The authors address the questions of gender effects, leapfrogging, the factors determining the production frontiers of countries, and the respective roles of financial, monetary and fiscal policies in fostering the development of countries. They also question one of the strategies utilized by policy makers in poor countries: development through trade and financial globalization. They ask whether education has really been a factor in development, and look at the role of those who return to the country after studying abroad.

This book is the result of a collaboration between researchers from Asia, Africa and Europe. It will be useful to economists and non-economists working in academia (including postgraduate students), as well as professionals working in development institutions and public institutions responsible for strategic planning in developing and emerging countries.

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