Francesco Giavazzi

Professeur d’économie à l’Université Bocconi (Milan)

Présentation :

Francesco Giavazzi (Bergamo Italy, 1949), Professor of Economics (Bocconi University, Milan), current Vice Chairman of the International Advisory Council, was also deputy rector (2000-2002) of University research activities. Visiting Professor at MIT (2003-2013).

1972 Electrical Engineering Degree (Politecnico di Milano), in 1978 obtains a PhD in Economics (MIT).

CEPR research fellow and former trustee, NBER research associate, Scientific Committee Chair (CEPII), Bellagio Group member. In 1991 contributes to founding IGIER (economic research institute jointly created by NBER, CEPR, Bocconi University), serving as first Director and President to 2002.

2012 Adviser Italian government Spending Review; 2013 Adviser Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Member (1998-2000) of Group of Economic Advisers to the Italian Prime Minister; and (2000-2010) of Group of Economic Advisers to the President of the European Commission.

1994, Houblon-Norman Fellow (Bank of England), 1999 External Evaluation Committee Member IMF Research Activities. Jointly (with Prof. Fredrick Mishkin) conducts the 2006 Riksbank Evaluation for the Swedish Parliament.
1992-1994 Italian Treasury Director General, serving the Treasury as Board Deputy Chairman of INA s.p.a., Assitalia s.p.a. and Banco di Napoli s.p.a. Current independent director of Vitale&Associati S.p.A.

His first book Limiting Exchange Rate Flexibity was published in 1989, with Alberto Giovannini (MIT Press) and in 2006 The Future of Europe: Reform or Decline, with Alberto Alesina. For recent writings see